Gwinnett to hire full-time staff member in fight against homelessness


Gwinnett County is working with United Way of Greater Atlanta to reduce homelessness. Count commissioners agreed Tuesday to pay $50,000 to cover half the staffing costs of a new full-time position to lead a joint effort.

Chairman Charlotte Nash said funding for this agreement comes from the additional $500,000 allocated in the County’s 2018 budget to address issues of homelessness in the community.

“The Board of Commissioners’ priorities set earlier this year include recognizing homelessness as a persistent issue and leveraging resources with community partners,” Nash said. “Offering a continuum of care for the homeless is listed as a two-year goal.

District 2 Commissioner Lynette Howard said homelessness is a problem that affects families from all walks of life.

“Anyone can end up in need, whether caused by an accident, mental or physical illness, addiction, or any number of other reasons,” said Howard. 

Responsibilities for the new position include assessing current needs, developing a plan, and coordinating action with local leaders and stakeholders.