This summer, franchise flicks Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Incredibles 2 are blazing hot at Gateway Cinemas 7, Regal Cinemas Georgian 14, Island Cinemas, and other theaters throughout Georgia. And while there’s so much in store for us for the rest of 2018, many are already looking ahead to next year’s cinema listings. After all, even though 2019 may seem like it’s a long way off, it’s already looking like a great year for blockbuster movies. Take a look at our pick of the five biggest movies to watch out for next year:

1. Star Wars Episode IXLooper has caught word that the final chapter in this mega-popular sci-fi saga will be released on December 20, 2019. That’s still a year and a half away, but fans are all excited to see how this last installment will close out the record-breaking trilogy. All we do know right now is that Lucasfilm will definitely be pulling out all the stops. They seem to be on the right track by recruiting Episode VII director JJ Abrams to helm the as-yet untitled movie. His work on The Force Awakens garnered positive reviews and is currently the highest grossing domestic film of all time here in the US.

2. Untitled James Bond movie – After much speculation that Spectre would be his last outing, Daniel Craig has confirmed that his version of Agent 007 will return to cinemas in November of next year. This will most likely be Craig’s last time as the debonair and deadly spy after five movies, and Sony is determined to make sure that he goes out with a bang. Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) has been selected to craft Bond’s latest exploits.

3. The New Mutants – Originally scheduled for last March, this X-Men spin-off was bumped to August 2019. The movie will take a horror/suspense slant. Word around Hollywood is that it was rescheduled because Fox wanted to make the movie even scarier. This may seem like a strange approach for a series that’s more known for its superhero genre trappings, but the source material actually has stories that have dealt with spirits, demons, and even vampires.

4. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part – It will be five years since the first Lego Movie wowed audiences, but the sequel will finally arrive on February 8. The original film was packed with sublime humor, an insightful story, and fun cameos that this new movie aims to continue. Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will be passing the reins to Trolls’ Mike Miller. His Trolls was a clever take on a classic toy line, so he should feel right at home. Word has it that our heroes will have to deal with aliens from the planet Duplo.

5. Planet of the Apes 4War For The Planet of the Apes was the end for its main character Caesar, but the movie left an opening for a subsequent chapter. After all, the last Apes movie made $449 million worldwide, so it makes box office sense for the franchise to continue. That being said, it’s a wonder just how much this series has achieved since Pierre Boulle’s 1963 novel Planet of the Apes. NetEnt’s Planet of the Apes slot game on FoxyBingo shows how far the franchise’s reach is nowadays. The feature-rich game showcases the charismatic Caesar and the gameplay is as thrilling as the blockbuster movies. Other franchise tie-ins include toys and theme park rides, and with such a huge demand for all things Planet of the Apes, it’s very likely that the franchise could make a surprise return next year.

With all these movies, it sure looks like the wait for 2019 will be a long one. But don’t worry there’s enough events in Georgia to keep you occupied in the meantime, especially on Independence Day.