Legendary Fruitman releases new single, ‘You Should Have Known Better’


The new single from Atlanta artist The Legendary Fruitman, on his soon to be released ‘Eternal’ CD; ‘You Should Have Known Better’ is the latest track heating up on all music platforms. Fruitman shows career changing growth as an artist and executive producer with a wider appeal across numerous radio formats. 

The song is produced by well-known, Atlanta-based, DJ Plugg and has R&B rhythmic arrangements fused with a Hip Hop bump beat. 

In the single, Furitman is asking, ‘When is we gon’ wake-up from seduction and that fake…?’ The song has the potential of breaking multiple radio formats because of its mass appeal. To date, with two releases in play from the CD ‘Eternal’, ‘Take Off’ and ‘You Should Have Known Better’; The Legendary Fruitman has a combined 30 million streams added to his repertoire. Fruit is currently in production filming a new music video for ‘You Should Have Known Better’. The anticipated ‘Eternal’ album is on schedule and will be ready for an August 2018 roll-out.

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