Fulton County gets Text-to-911


The Gist: Fulton County residents who find themselves in an emergency and unable to talk on the phone can now text for help. The service is not intended to be used if residents are able to make a voice call, but is designed for those with hearing or speech impairments and those who are in a dangerous situation that would prevent them from making a phone call.

The Requirements: To use the service, residents must have a cell phone that is able to send text messages and that has location services enabled.

How to use it: Enter the numbers 911 into the “to” field on the text message.   The first message to 911 should contain the location and a brief description of the type of help needed. The messages should be brief, easily understood and cannot contain abbreviations, emojis or slang. Those using the service should be prepared to answer questions and follow instructions from the 911 operator responding to the text message.

Other Notes: The service is only available in English, though the ability to text in other languages is in the works. The county is also reminding motorists not to use the service while driving.