Georgia to offer new ‘career ready’ diploma seal for high school graduates


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The Gist: The Georgia Department of Education is offering a new career ready diploma seal for students with what the department describes as exceptional accomplishments in activities, courses and experiences that foster career readiness.

What are the seals?: The seals are stickers that will be affixed to the high school diplomas of students who meet the requirements in specific career-related experiences.

Who can earn the seals?: According to Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods, the new seals are designed to show that students are ready to begin their careers and enter the workforce and is aimed at students who are on a technical path. “As educational leaders, ‘college ready’ cannot be our only focus. Career education is essential, too – for every student. Our new Career Ready Diploma Seal will recognize students who– for example – have completed Career Pathways or soft skills training; who have gained industry-recognized credentials or participated in work-based learning. It will be a signal to their future employers that they are ready to participate in the workforce,” Woods said.

There are six versions of the seal: Each seal is tailored to a specific career-related accomplishment. The versions are as follows:

  • Employability/Soft Skills Seal
  • Distinguished Employability/Soft Skills Seal
  • Pathway Skills Seal
  • Distinguished Pathway Skills Seal
  • Leadership Skills Seal
  • Distinguished Leadership Skills Seal

The seals join other seals which are already available for Civic Engagement, Fine Arts, Biliteracy and International Skills.

How to get one?: For now, each school district gets to decide if they plan to offer the seals. Contact your local school district to find out if the programs to earn the seals are available or when they will be available.

Who supports the seal: The state has several industry and business partners who support the seal. They include:

  • Georgia Chamber
  • Metro Atlanta Chamber
  • Georgia Power
  • Georgia Association of Manufacturers
  • Associated General Contractors of Georgia
  • American Subcontractors Association – Georgia Chapter
  • Masonry Association of Georgia
  • Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc.
  • Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association
  • Georgia Apartment Association Foundation
  • Conditioned Air Association of Georgia, Inc.
  • Construction Industry Employers Roundtable
  • Sheet Metal Air Conditioning National Association – Georgia
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