The Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Commercial Gambling executed five search warrants in Cordele and Albany for violations of Georgia’s gambling laws.

Search warrants were issued at four business locations in Cordele and one business location in Albany. The business locations were:

  • “Jay’s Place,” 1111 A South 7th Street, Cordele
  • “Pool Room,” 204 Joe Wright Drive, Cordele
  • 1411 E. 16th Avenue, Suite H, Cordele
  • “Dis and Dat,” 102 E. 14th Avenue, Suite B, Cordele
  • “Dis and Dat Apparel,” 2228 Palmyra Road, Albany

During the course of a lengthy investigation, agents discovered businesses operating unlicensed Coin Operated Amusement Machines where customers were receiving cash payouts for winning credits, according to the GBI. In Georgia, these machines must be properly licensed by the Georgia Lottery and credits may only be redeemed for lottery tickets or store merchandise.

According to the GBI, agents collected evidence related to crimes of commercial gambling and seized monetary assets gained from the illegal use of gaming machines.