What happened?: A suspect who was fleeing police, didn’t put his Honda in park after jumping out. Police caught the suspect and while trying to detain him, two witnesses yelled out warnings that the car wasn’t in park. The vehicle rolled over the legs of Bibb County Deputy Craig Lewis.

How did it happen?: Lewis initiated a traffic stop on a silver Honda Accord. The driver has been identified as 38-year-old Wallace Griffin. According to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Dept., Griffin led police on a brief chase from Peter St. to Fairmont St. where police say Griffin slammed on the breaks and attempted to flee his vehicle.

Lewis and Deputy Alex Fletcher chased him. While Lewis was on top of the suspect attempting to detain him, Griffin’s car began to roll over Lewis’ legs.

What happened next?: The two citizens who initially warned the deputies that the car was rolling helped Fletcher push the vehicle off Lewis and Griffin. According to the sheriff’s department, Once Griffin was removed from under the vehicle he continued to fight Fletcher and was detained with the help of two more deputies that arrived at the scene.

What happened to Lewis?: Lewis was transported by ambulance to the Navicent hospital with injuries to his left leg. He has since been released and is reported to be doing well.

What happened to Griffin?: Griffin was also transported to Navicent hospital to be evaluated for injury. He was released from the hospital and transported to the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center. Griffin was charged with possession of cocaine, aggravated assault against a law-enforcement officer, attempting to elude law enforcement, willfull obstruction of law-enforcement officers, driving without a valid license, traffic vehicle offense and probation violation. He is being held on a $41,310.00 bond.