Rockdale County Magistrate Court Receives 2018 Judicial Clearance Rate Excellence Award


The Judicial Council of Georgia Standing Committee on Judicial Workload Assessment presented the Rockdale County Magistrate Court with a 2018 Judicial Clearance Rate Excellence Award after the completion of a three-year clearance rate study of all Georgia courts from 2015 through 2017. Only the top 10 percentile of courts from each class were recipients of the award. Rockdale’s Magistrate Court ranked fifth out of 159 Magistrate Courts, with a clearance rate of 107.1 percent of its caseload. 

The Council’s Administrative Office of the Courts’ congratulatory letter, Chief Magistrate Judge Phinia Aten received along with the award, stated “Ideally, clearance rates of 100 percent or more indicate a court is keeping up with its incoming caseload.  Over the past three years, your court has exhibited an effective case flow management system that resulted in achieving the clearance rate goal.  Your exceptional performance and best courtroom practices are essential elements to the success of our judicial system.”  The study was conducted by the Council’s Office of Research and Data Analysis.

“This level of prestigious achievement is the result of a lot of teamwork, dedication to justice and best use of very limited resources,” Aten acknowledged.  “These types of objective performance measures offer invaluable information to our citizens and assist the Court in making further improvements.  I am most grateful for the talented and hardworking Magistrate Court team that helped us reach this accomplishment.”