What happened between Katt Williams and Wanda Smith’s husband at the Atlanta Comedy Theater?


First there was a heated dispute between Kat Williams and V-103’s Wanda Smith during an interview Friday. Then, there were reports that Smith’s Husband, Lamorris Sellers, confronted Williams at the Atlanta Comedy Theater the next night. Rumors about the incident have spread over the Internet, but what really happened?

Here’s what we know according to reports filed by an off-duty Gwinnett County police officer who was working the comedy club that night and surveillance videos viewed by police.

According to the officer, Wanda Smith and Katt Williams had a verbal altercation at the Atlanta Comedy Theater that stemmed from an interview that Smith conducted with Williams the previous day.

According to Williams’ statement to police, Smith’s Husband, Lamorris Sellers pulled a gun on the comedian and pointed it at his face. Williams and his security guard fled to the neighboring Food Depot where the officer made initial contact with them.

After meeting with Williams, the officer approached Sellers and asked him what happened. Sellers told the officer that Williams had a verbal altercation with Smith. He said that Williams indicated that he wanted to fight and according to Sellers, he then approached Williams and chased him into Food Depot where he left him and returned to the Atlanta Comedy Theater.

When asked if he had a gun on him, Sellers said yes. Sellers explained to the officer that as he was chasing Williams, his gun fell from his waistband and he bent to retrieve it however, he never pointed it at anyone.

According to police, no independent witnesses came forward to speak with the officers about what happened.

The officer viewed the video footage from the Food Depot surveillance cameras. According to police, the footage shows Sellers chasing Williams into the store but it does not show Sellers with a gun in his hands.

The officer was told that the Atlanta Comedy Theater has surveillance cameras, but they could not be accessed at that time. Williams eventually told the officer that he did not want to prosecute.

The officer said he would be attempting follow-up in this investigation. If the video surveillance shows any crimes, criminal charges could be obtained.