The number of sex offenders in Gordon County has doubled in less than 10 years


The Gist: In 2009, there were 110 registered sex offenders in Gordon County. According to the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office, that number has more than doubled and now stands over 200.

Taking Action: State law requires each county sheriff’s office to monitor and supervise the sex offenders who live within their counties. To handle the increase in sex offenders living in Gordon County, Sheriff Mitch Ralston has added a second deputy sheriff to the county’s sex offender registry duties.

How is it being funded?: The Sheriff’s office points out that the state law creates an unfunded mandate in that each county has to pay for the monitoring of the sex offenders found living within its boundaries. In the case of Gordon County, a deputy has been transferred from law enforcement duty to sex offender registry duty and a new position has not been created.