Georgia principal releases children’s book titled ‘I Don’t Like School’


Award-winning educator Anton Anthony, Ed. S. will be releasing his guide to educational reform, “Loving Education: Restoring the Heart of Education,” and a children’s book, “I Don’t Like School,” this Monday, Nov. 26, 2018. Flowing out of his experience as a teacher, coach, discipline coordinator, assistant principal, and as a principal, Anthony collected those experiences with students, teachers, and administrators all across the state of Georgia.

With those experiences, he drafted this book to share the methods he used to be able to achieve improvements in test scores, discipline, student performance, parental involvement, and teacher morale – all without spending additional money on expensive programs or curriculum.

Releasing the book is a bold move. In a field known for prioritizing the number of years in the classroom over the results produced during those years, Anthony is considered a rookie by many teachers despite having spent nearly a decade in classrooms and schools. However, his results speak for themselves. He was able to duplicate his results everywhere he went.

Anthony states, “The problems educators, politicians, and communities face is how to get through to students of all ethnicity and economic backgrounds.” His solution, which is outlined in the book, is for all educators, regardless of the background of their students, to build relevant relationships so they know the individual and not just their academic content.

In Loving Education, Anthony provides 5 key ingredients to creating an educational environment that is enjoyable, safe, and productive for everyone: Love, Relationships, Salesmanship, Creativity, and Problem Solving.

His children’s book, “I Don’t Like School,” features Alex, a young boy whose negative perception of school is changed when he meets a new friend and an awesome teacher who help to change his views about school.

Anthony explains, “It’s not until we connect with students to find out their likes and dislikes about learning that we will be able to tap into a student’s full potential. Students will not feel comfortable until we build relevant, loving relationships and work to create consistent, safe environments. That’s when students can be creative without fear of failure and when we, as a nation, will have an educational system that makes us proud.”

Last Year, Anthony was principal of Sumter County Middle. Currently, he is an assistant principal for Richmond County Schools. Anthony received his Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Business Management from Fort Valley State University in Georgia. He received his Masters of Arts in Teaching at Augusta State University. He later went back to receive a degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Augusta University and received his Educational Specialist add-on in Educational Leadership and Administration, also at Augusta University. He is a licensed educator and real estate broker with the State of Georgia. For more information, visit: