Parents approve of new game called ‘Not Parent Approved’ as a way to keep kids off the screen


How many times has a parent told their kid that their words or actions were inappropriate? One hilariously edgy card game is about to give permission for kids to behave, ahem, unbecoming. And almost a dozen toy judges and over 60 mom bloggers wholeheartedly approve! If you need a last-minute holiday gift idea for tweens, who are notoriously hard to buy for, look no further than the new game, Not Parent Approved!

Not Parent Approved retails for $24.99 and is dubbed as a beloved game for tweens and teens to sharpen their literacy, reasoning and listening skills. Think of it as Mad Libs gone Bad Libs! Applause has come from The National Parenting Center, PAL Award, Academics’ Choice Awardsand Hot Diggity to name-drop a few of this year’s toy industry honors.

The National Parenting Center placed the wacky words game on its homepage under its Seal of Approval Hall of Fame Spotlight for Holiday 2018 gift giving.

“Played either between parents and kids or just amongst friends, this game serves an important purpose, despite its decidedly ‘non-educational exterior,'” starts the positive review from The National Parenting Center. “It is at this age that tweens are often shying away from toys, and instead favoring on-screen apps and activities. This card game helps them reconnect to some more social person-to-person play that still feels a bit edgy and current. Everything in the card set is geared to make the tween feel at home, beginning with the title itself. What child can resist a game called ‘Not Parent Approved’ and yet is also clearly safe enough to play?”

The fill-in-the blanks word game allows kids and teens to be naturally mischievous without getting into real trouble. Even better, kids want to put down their phones and gadgets for face-to-face interaction time with family and friends. By completing sentences from selected cards, they get to expand their imagination through humor and perhaps laugh at themselves. All of these developmental skills are key to a healthy childhood.