The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred at a BP station in Gordon County that lead to the death of a 27-year-old woman.

Here is the timeline of events according to the GBI:

At 3 p.m. Tuesday, Calhoun police officer Jeremy Thompson encountered a female at the BP station who was slightly short on change for a purchase she was making. Thompson provided the remaining change and he and the woman exited the store.

Upon exiting, Thompson reportedly smelled an odor he suspected to be marijuana when he encountered the passenger in the car the woman was driving. Police have identified the passenger as 27-year-old Tameka LeShay Simpson.

The officer called in a suspicious vehicle report and requested backup. That backup arrived in the form of Officer Joe Yother.

Next, Thompson asked Simpson for her identification, at which point the GBI says Simpson pulled out a firearm and began firing shots, which struck Yother.

The officers returned fire which killed Simpson.

Yother was struck in the arm. A bullet also impacted his cell phone, which was stored in his chest pocket. He was transported to a local  hospital for observation.


The female driver was taken into custody on unrelated charges.