SAVANNAH — In a recent sting operation, The Savannah Police Department caught five businesses selling alcohol to underage buyers. Fifteen businesses were tested, five failed and ten passed.

During the operation, underage subjects visited 15 businesses, ranging from restaurants and bars to convenience and package stores, to determine if they comply with Georgia law and the Savannah City Ordinance in regard to alcohol sales.

The managers or licensees of the establishments were notified of the alcohol sold, that the buyer was underage, if the buyer was checked for identification, how the alcohol was served or sold, and what actions would be taken by law enforcement. The Georgia Department of Revenue Alcohol and Tobacco Division will also be informed of the results of the operation.

“We’re heading into the summer, and there will be a lot more underage individuals visiting establishments in our community. Our goal is to continue to remind the businesses in our area to stay vigilant in checking ID’s and following the law,” said Lt. Shinita Young, commander of the Savannah Alcohol Beverage Compliance Unit. “It truly takes all of us working together to ensure the welfare of our youth.”

The 10 businesses that passed will receive letters of congratulations from the Savannah Police Department.

According to the City of Savannah’s Alcohol Beverage Ordinance, a first offense results in a minimum fine of $500; second offense, if within 12 months of the first, results in a $750 fine; third offense, if within 18 months of the first, results in a $1,000 fine; and any further offense, if within 24 months of the first, results in issuance of a notice to appear to show cause for why the establishment’s alcohol license should not be revoked.

According to the Savannah Police Department the following businesses were cited for selling alcohol to underage subjects:

  • Lucky’s Food Mart-8408 White Bluff Road
  • Orale Tacos-111 West Congress Street
  • Shuga Girl-36 Barnard Street
  • Chili’s-7805 Abercorn Street
  • Antojo Latino-44 Posey Street

Businesses that passed the inspection were:

  • A-1 Food Corner-902 Pennsylvania Avenue
  • AMF Savannah Lanes-115 Tibet Avenue
  • Dew Drop Inn-11432 Abercorn Street
  • Nickle Pump-825 Tibet Avenue
  • Lucky’s Convenience Mart-10004 Abercorn Street
  • La Parilla Mexican Restaurant-7804 Abercorn St 63A
  • Mike’s Timesaver-3713 Montgomery Street
  • M&T Liquor-3713 Montgomery Street
  • Pump-N-Go-801 Harmon Street
  • LongHorn-7825 Abercorn Street

According to the Centers for Disease Control, excessive drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 deaths among underage youth each year.

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