FULTON COUNTY — If your child attends Fulton County Schools, you probably have some teachers, principals or bus drivers that you think are exceptional. Recently, Fulton County Schools honored those employees who have inspired students and parents on a daily basis. Here are the school system’s top employees of 2019.

2019 Teacher of the Year – Pamela “Pam” Whitlock of Chattahoochee High School

Pam Whitlock knew from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher. “I can remember begging my older brother to play school with me,” she said, “and if that wasn’t successful, I would line up my dolls and teach them. However, I have a rather unique path that has led me to teach computer science at Chattahoochee High School.”

After college graduation with a degree in Elementary Education and Reading, Ms. Whitlock believed she was going to change the world by teaching all students to read. She began as a first grade and preschool special needs teacher in North Carolina and later moved to Atlanta, where she took a job as a director of a daycare and preschool. After her second child was born, she was a stay-at-home mom for over a decade, which she also refers to as her “temporary hiatus” from teaching.

During that time, she and her husband started a business, an online allowance management system for kids and families. Through that business venture, developed a love for technology and programming but began to miss teaching.

At 40 years old, she retooled her career to combine her love of teaching with her new interest in programming and went back to school. She renewed her teaching certificate, earned an additional Business Education certification and received a graduate degree from the Computer Science Endorsement program at Southern Polytechnic State University. Just as she finished, Chattahoochee High School added computer science classes to their Career Technology and Agricultural Education (CTAE) program – a perfect match for her skillset and interests. As a teacher of four children, all who attended Chattahoochee, joining “the Hootch family” was a natural fit.

Since she began teaching, the number of computer science courses at Chattahoochee has doubled. Equally important as the study of computer science is to her are the relationships with students. “My greatest teaching joy has come from former students who, although they may have struggled in my class, went on to college and are pursuing computer science careers. They did not let a test score define a career path for themselves.”

As the 2019 Teacher of the Year, Ms. Whitlock says, “My inspiration for teaching — what fulfills me and gets me out of bed in the morning — is the potential for impacting students beyond the four walls of my classroom. The relationships that we build can last a lifetime and watching a student grow from being nervous and unsure to confident and intellectually curious is simply amazing. As teachers, we can never doubt the impact that we have on all students, even the ones who may not show us their best selves. Find what gives you passion and joy in teaching. Hang on to your passion and joy of being a learner. Combine those two to create an oasis for your students. This will be one in which every child can develop a love of learning, a skillset that will provide opportunities for success throughout their lives and the confidence to trust in their own abilities without regard to existing barriers.”

School Professional of the Year – Martina Franklin of Liberty Point Elementary School

Martina Franklin, Paraprofessional for Special Education, loves what she does and generously shares the credit of her designation as School Professional of the Year with her colleagues. In the four years that she’s been at Liberty Point, Ms. Franklin says it has been an amazing journey working with a supportive teaching and administrative team as well as the unique group of students in her care.

“I became an educator simply to make a difference in the lives of children,” she says. “Within this short time, I have acquired additional tools and techniques that ensure my students’ academic growth and development. Furthermore I pride myself in assisting and encouraging students to express themselves through performing and visual arts.” Ms. Franklin is the co-chair of Liberty Point Fine Arts which consists of dance step, band, art club, yearbook and drama.

“It is truly a pleasure to work with Ms. Franklin on a daily basis,” said Liberty Point Principal James Payne. “Her hard work and dedication to ensuring that all students reach their full potential make her an irreplaceable staff member!”

Teaching is her passion, and she shares that it requires patience, understanding and enthusiasm as all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

“My overall goal is to maximize my time as an assistant by providing great instruction and following models from training. Creating a well-rounded learning environment will channel a 21st century mindset and creative thinking,” she said.

Support Professional of the Year, Ed Weiss, Bus Driver

Ed Weiss is a longtime transportation veteran of Fulton County Schools. He is known for his relentless dedication to his student riders and Centennial teammates.

“I have had the privilege of working with Ed for many years,” said Sam Ham, Fulton County Schools Executive Director of Transportation Services. “He is a born instructor and good bus driver. In early times, he trained new prospective bus drivers and competed in the annual School Bus Roadeo, always finishing in the top 10 best school bus roadeo contenders in the district — out of 800 drivers!”

A North Carolina native who transferred to Georgia for work, Mr. Weiss was previously employed by AT&T as an electronics technician as well as a production specialist for Lucent Technologies. He also has experience as an over-the-road driver of big trucks before coming to Fulton County to drive school buses.

With that kind of skill, students can really feel safe with Mr. Weiss at the wheel. “I’m very happy about the support professionals being recognized for our contribution to our students’ education,” Mr. Weiss said.  “He believes it will help them become responsible, productive citizens. “I’m humbled and honored to have been chosen to represent this group.”

Stuart Berry, transportation north supervisor who has known Mr. Weiss for 11 years, adds, “Ed is always willing to offer guidance or tips for anyone who asks. Whether it is about handling students or how to improve Roadeo performance, Ed is always there with a quiet and determined demeanor to help other drivers. There is nothing Ed won’t do if he is asked for help, and he does so with grace and charm.”

Northeast Principal of the Year – Martin Neuhaus, Barnwell Elementary School

“As principal, it is important to me,” says Mr. Neuhaus, “that everyone who steps through our front doors – all of our students, staff and parents – are happy and excited to be here! This attitude enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, nurturing and fun environment.” Neuhaus said he believes that relationships are the top priority and those within the school will determine the amount of learning that occurs.

Mr. Neuhaus has served as principal at Barnwell for three and a half years. Having a long history with Fulton County Schools, he has served in several positions. Originally a teacher at Findley Oaks Elementary School, he moved up the ranks as an administrative intern shadowing principals at four FCS schools for six months before becoming a summer school principal at North Springs and the Assistant Principal at Shakerag Elementary School for 14 years.

“I hope to build and work with collaborative teams that empower teachers and students to continuously improve,” he said. “Our vision at Barnwell is to be a joyful community of engaged and empowered learners.”

Northwest Principal of the Year –  Charles Chester, Northwestern Middle School

“My mission is to fertilize and cultivate the soil where all students can maximize growth,” says Charles Chester, who has served as Northwestern’s principal for four years, since 2015. From 2008-2012, he went from a math teacher to an administrative assistant at Woodland Middle School, and then served as an Assistant Principal at Alpharetta High School from 2012-2015.

Going forward, Chester says he envisions redefining success by growth and providing all students with the opportunities to experience growth. “This opens a pathway for all students to feel valued and to experience success.”

Central Principal of the Year – Scott Hanson, North Springs Charter High School

North Springs Principal Scott Hanson said he believes that all students just need the right environment and an opportunity to experiment and grow.

“My vision going forward is to continue creating a school where all students can learn,” he says. “Where teachers are valued as professionals, our core beliefs encompass a positive school atmosphere, meaningful collaboration, purposeful coaching and mentoring, and a sense of community, we become known as “The North Springs Way.” Mr. Hanson is finishing his third year as North Springs principal after having spent four years as a principal and 10 years as an assistant principal in Orlando.

South and Achievement Zone – LaToya Miley, A. Philip Randolph Elementary School

Mrs. Miley is a veteran educator who says she believes that all students can learn and will learn in the right environment: a blended learning environment that is data-driven, rigorous and relevant for each student.

“I take great pride in serving as the number one advocate for all students,” she said.

Her experiences combined with her data-driven and strategic approach to teaching and learning have contributed to her success as a leader in elementary, middle and high schools in Fulton County. An educator for 20 years, Mrs. Miley has served 14 years in the Fulton County school system, as a teacher, lead data support specialist, assistant principal and as executive manager for the Superintendent prior to her position as A. Philip Randolph principal. Her vision is “To ensure all students and teachers are provided a conducive learning environment, which ultimately leads to success.”

Below is the complete list of the school system’s employees of the year.


Elementary SchoolsTeacher of the Year Professional of the Year
Abbots HillPam JenkinsTayler Leslie
AlpharettaEllie FergusMaureen Wakes
Asa G. HilliardAnita Whyte-OutRaymond Selmon
BarnwellJamie SilverboardEllen Basile
BethuneTess BurnsRanndi Reed
Birmingham FallsBeth NationCarrie Hilliard
BrookviewVanessa CharlesAtiya Carruth
CampbellErica TerrellAdonica Lopez
CliftondaleErica JonesHope Render
Cogburn WoodsKathy GouldJackie Foote
College ParkDeShunta RossValencia Durden
Conley HillsKosher AsberryWandra Ponder
Crabapple CrossingLizzie ChalpanAnne Bopp
CreekviewJulie StallardSangeetha Suhanthan
DolvinHope KnightNancy Adams
Dunwoody SpringsLatoya TolefreeBetty Grivakis
Esther JacksonLindsey WalkerIn Sook Moon
Evoline C. WestMichell TankellTiffany Yates
Findley OaksKaren ReedEvelyn Sanchez
GulattElbony JohnsonAundrea Hammock
Hamilton E.HolmesJohanna ColeyDr. Eugenia Fletcher
HapevilleJessica ShawEleanora Dunn
Heards FerryIlana AdlerValerie Gardner
Hembree SpringsLeigh WagnerBeverly Shiotelis
HeritageDonneka SladeVanessa Vargas
High PointBenita BeardenColleen Zeller
HillsideInnai ThompsonBeth Zermuehlen
Ison SpringsRina CorreaJames Reaves
Lake ForestLaurie CummingsKendra Bettis
Lake WindwardMichelle LevesqueBlair Boyle
Liberty PointGemayel JoinerMartina Frankie
Love T. NolanTeneisha HiterDeandra Wooden
Manning OaksMichelle NealStamatia Hagen
Medlock BridgeMadsion ClarkMelissa Millikan
MimosaNicole WhitehurstGloria Hernandez-Hillard
Mountain ParkTiffany BarnesMary Keogh
New ProspectAshley FlahertyMichelle Levine
NorthwoodNicole SickleVictoria Walker
OakleySamantha JacksonDominique Johnson
OceeKathie JusticeKathy Nugent
PalmettoTraci DickensMarcie Lewis
ParklaneErica PendletonRosa Colon
RenaissanceLaTasha RutledgeTowanda McMullen
River EvesLizzie FragaleSusan Gowin
Randolph A. PhillipEddie MyreeGwendolyn Jucks
Roswell NorthKatrina ScogginsLisa Glass
S. L.LewisJoycelyn HamiltonValencia Brock
Seaborn LeeVictoria DuckettSheila Brewster
ShakeragMelissa MinoreErin Collins
Spalding DriveKellie SprinkleTiffany Plowden
State Bridge CrossingSuzie HallDebra Krupp
Stonewall TellChristine CarrMartreica Fobbs
Summit HillLauren GoldfussPatty Lico
Sweet AppleBeka SextonNancy Lattanzi
Vickery MillAmy D’EloiaLaura Robinson
Wilson CreekKilo HendersonAlicia Harrington
Woodland ESJessica ChamblissStephanie Cumberbatch
Middle School  Teacher of the Year   Professional of the Year
Amana AcademyNicole WoodardSara Norman
Autrey MillLizzie HaberMarissa Donker
Bear CreekKeenan CameronVictoria Washington
Camp CreekLon GibsonValerie Franklin
CrabappleMagdelena NelmsMarianne Sher
Elkins PointMalikah WilliamsTraci Dease
Fulton Academy of Science and TechnologyLionel Thompson 
Haynes BridgeTonya HendersonAlton Bryant
Holcomb BridgeNakitah BrowneHannah Milligan
HopewellLisa WaldorfMary Mueller
McNairRosanna SchofieldFelicia Nobles
NorthwesternLindsay CoberlyMaria Gavenchak
Paul. D. WestTakisha FreelandHoward Turner
RenaissanceMellonee BowenAlfredo Ramirez
RidgeviewJessica BurgessFlorence Kosloski
River TrailHeather WrightClaire Graff
SandtownTerrel MatchettTanya Beauford-Vernon
Sandy SpringsMary FrostAyana Veal
Taylor RoadMaria AndresLea Anne Moxley
Webb BridgeJulianne HunterNeeta Seletsky
WoodlandTenisha BlackmanKeteria Franks-Smith
High School  Teacher of the Year   Professional of the Year
Alpharetta HighAmy LandiDenise Baugh
Benjamin BannekerLatoya MorganTammy Styles
CambridgeBrad CoulterKaren Thimsen
CentennialChristopher BuechnerDana Smith
ChattahoocheePam WhitlockCynthia Butler
CreeksideDanea BennettRance McCrary
IndependenceJohn Chase CampbellPenny Najar
Johns CreekJamie ChuvenLisa Hoot
Langston HughesTaneisha FavorsPatrick Arnold
McClarin Success AcademyAmanda BuckGarolyn Forts
MiltonGillian MillerKara Peters
North SpringsBrittany PeytonMichael Farmer
NorthviewClifford “Sean” MorganEvelyn”Odette” Talbert
RiverwoodPatricia LawrimoreGordon Ellison
RoswellDaniel WaldroupJennifer Miner
Tri-CitiesMr. Octavious HoseDarron Franklin
WestlakeDr. Alanna JohnsonCandice Hickman
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