Is your home ready for summer weather?


June marks National Safety Month, and nothing is more important than keeping your family safe.

Protect your family, by ensuring your home is safe and secure this summer. Investing in small amounts of preventative maintenance can go a long way as the cost of putting off home repairs can catch up to you in the long run and aren’t worth the stress of putting your family’s safety in danger.

One of the most damaging elements to your home can come from being unprepared for inclement weather – from extreme heat to hurricanes – summer brings with it a mixture of heat, humidity, rain, hail and high winds can wreak havoc on your home. Prepare your home and keep your family safe this summer with these key tips:

Over Your Head

One of the biggest home investments that is often overlooked is the importance of roof maintenance. It can be the single largest ticket items for many homeowners so it’s important to have preventive maintenance to ensure bad seasonal weather doesn’t cause extensive damage. If your roof isn’t strong and sound, you can invite in mold, animals and structural damage.

“Understanding the importance of checking their roofs and knowing the basics of roof maintenance and damage can help ensure homeowners are better prepared for upcoming weather,” says Tony Wyss, Co-Owner of Findlay Roofing / Roof Roof. “It can make a huge financial impact for you and your family.”

What’s even more surprising is that a new, national survey by Owens Corning Roofing found that although 37% of Atlanta homeowners are worried that their roof might be damaged by bad seasonal weather, only 6% say they always check or have their roofs checked before the start of a season that typically brings bad weather.

Watch for Water

Spring foliage likely means your gutters are filled to the brim. To avoid rain getting inside your home or damaging your home’s foundation, it is crucial to have a well running gutter system in place. Keep your gutters clean to avoid clogging and water overflow. There are different products out there to keep your gutters free of debris. Think of your gutters as the middleman from your roof to the ground, keeping rain water from running down your home’s walls. You should  direct your downspouts away from the foundation of your home and try to guide the water to a garden or vegetation. Clean gutters and the proper use of downspouts will keep your home’s foundation intact and your family safe.

Keep it Cool

The sun can cause a home to dry out and prematurely age causing damage and safety issues. It is a good idea to install an attic fan or ridge vents to help release the hot air in your home. With extreme heat, homes must be prepared to stand against the temperatures. Remember the color of your home matters too. Air conditioners will work harder in darker colored homes than in lighter ones because dark colors absorb more heat.

Keep this in mind when looking for warning signs when extreme heat hits and be sure you’ve had your air conditioning system tuned up at the start of summer. If you have window AC units, make sure you clean the filters for maximum efficiency. Consider  a backup generator in case you lose power as the extreme heat could reach dangerous temperatures in your home.

With simple, proactive measures your family and home can make the most of the summer and avoid potential weather-related safety damage.

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