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Mandatory Fun: Recess is about to be required in all Georgia elementary schools

Georgia lawmakers passed a bill that will make recess mandatory in all elementary schools starting with the 2018-2019 school year.

Now That’s Rare: Georgia mayor apologizes for transparency issues

The News: Political figures are not known for admitting fault or publicly apologizing when their decisions spark outrage. That's what makes the...

The Public Record: Georgia Senator says it doesn’t matter if Donald Trump used the...

The Players: Georgia State Sen. Michael Williams appeared on CNN this week and was interviewed by Victor Blackwell. One of the topics...

Cold Case: Murder of Timothy Coggins resolved after 34 years

The News: William "Bill" Moore pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter and concealing the death of another in the death of Timothy Coggins...

Georgia has new laws on the books this month. Do you know about them?

The Gist: Every year on July 1, new laws go into effect in Georgia. If you don't actively pay attention to what your...